Once there was a boy, his name was Billie. He was fourteen years old and had just found himself stuck, stuck in the middle of the Sahara with no friends, no family and no one else around. He was quite worried, he had never been to a desert before, not even the Sahara. He had no clue where he could find water or food, so he decided to call his parents on the phone, but he had no service.

Billy thought he better start to search for food, so he began to lazily stroll until he saw something ahead. He ran up to the object. It was a girl, her name was Mila, and she had a very, very, very naughty lion whose name was Blake. Mila and Blake didn’t want anything to do with Billy, but Billy refused. He said he was scared by himself, and didn’t know what happened and didn’t know where to find food, where to find water and where to find somewhere cool. So Mila sighed, “Ok fine, but only if you don’t talk the whole time,” Billy was glad. They found some food and made a fire to cook it all, when Mila went to get the food there was none there because she caught Blake eaten it. Mila then when out and found some more but this time she made sure that Blake was nowhere near the food. Mila cooked the food for her and Billy to have for lunch. Billy then got bored so they started to play hide and seek. Mila and Blake were it. Billy was hiding he got really board but he didn’t want Mila to find him, so he just laid there as quiet as a sleeping mouse.

“Make sure you divide six by three, then multiply it by eight or you will get the wrong answer,” said Mrs Brown. Billy had just woken up. He had realized it was all just a dream and none of this had ever happened. ”BILLY” yelled Mrs. Brown “why haven’t you started yet? We are almost finished maths and you haven’t even started,”
“I was listening and then,”
“No Billy I don’t want hear your boring old excuses,”
“Ok,” sighed Billy. “I will try my hardest to catch up and get all my work done on time”

Mrs Brown let everyone have a little break from maths because she thought it made their brains think better. Whoosh, bang, crash. “Mrs Brown what’s going on,” said Billy nnnnnnnnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr “Quick the sirens are going off inside everybody!” yelled Mrs Brown.
“There is a tornado, we will be fine if everybody just stays calm an inside,”
Nnnnnnnnnnnnnrrrrrrrrrrr “Why is the siren going off again?” asked Billy.
“Because the tornado has just finished,” replied Mrs Brown.
Billy was on his way home, already to tell his parents all about the interesting day he had at school.

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