Vampire Blood

The emergency doors burst open! There in the frame of the door, was Doctor Terry. “Mr Joey, I have some bizarre news...” Doctor Terry stated, Joey was startled by his sudden statement. “We have figured that Miss Vivi has 2 different types of blood, so we are planning to take one out.” The boy was overwhelmed because he knew what the doctor meant. But the question was, ‘which type of blood would the doctor take out? Vampire or human?

During the operation, the doctors were talking amongst themselves. Standing at the head of the operating table, was a suspicious doctor who was pondering deeply about something. As if he was concerned about whether to do this operation or not. One of the other doctors interrupted his precious thoughts by whispering, “I just wanted to ask Leo, but does this patient look familiar to you?” That question got his mind spinning frantically, ‘Is she my long lost daughter?’ Thought Leo.

He was confused and didn’t want to continue if this was his daughter, this operation was very dangerous and could end with a certain death. Leo certainly didn’t want to lose her again, because this time it could be forever. He wanted to make her just like him, an immortal. “Can we proceed on this operation now?” Doctor Leo said, buzzing with excitement. The other doctors just nodded in agreement. “Pass me the needle, Nurse Sally.” Leo instructed, he quickly grabbed the needle out of Nurse Sally’s hand. “Let’s begin!” He whispered under his breath.

Before Leo could inject the needle into Vivi’s neck, another doctor spoke. “Which blood do we take out?” Leo grunted in frustration, “I’m the main doctor here, I know what I’m doing!” He shouts. The others just kept silent. Then he proceeded with the injection and jabbed the needle into her neck. The other doctors watched as the red, thick blood filled the needle. “It’s done!” he exclaimed, he reached for a band aid and placed it over the miniature hole. Vivi got wheeled back into her dull and boring ward. Joey shot up as fast as lighting when he heard the doctor’s booming steps. Joey noticed that Vivi’s face was brighter than before, did this mean that..?

She woke up the next day and saw Dr Leo, Dr Terry and Joey surrounding her. She wondered what was going on, but before she could ask Joey gave her a big bear hug. He reassured her that everything was okay and that she could get out of the hospital very soon. Not long after, Joey realised Vivi’s eyes were dark red. Doctor Terry noticed it too and said, “I’ll be back with your drink.” Doctor Terry comes running back with Vivi’s blood bag and hands it to her. She drank it up with a big gulp! She rapidly blinked her eyes in satisfaction, ‘did her blood bag change her to become human or just content her cravings as a vampire?’


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