A Bad Mom's Bird

Once upon a time there was a little bird call Josh O Apple, “Mum can you change my name?” asked Josh.
“No,” laughed his mum because she was evil. She was so evil she froze her husband and her own mum. But she never went to jail because she blamed other people.
“Mum when can I go to a school without witches?” complained Josh.
“Never!” shouted his mum.
“Ok,” said Josh because he didn’t want to be turned into ice and the spell can’t be broken. His mum will guard the ice statues, so no one can make them alive.
One day Josh said “I am going to a normal school whether you like it or not! In a rude voice to his mum. Then she was getting ready to turn him into ice, but he was so quick and he went to the 3D printer and made a copy of himself.
“NOOOO!” cried the fake Josh and the real Josh said, “You can’t catch me!”
But it was too late his mum froze the fake Josh. She did the ice spell and it bounced back and turned radioactive and turned her into stone.
Then Josh called the police “My mum is evil come quickly.”
Josh explained to the police and they cuffed her and then they went away to jail to lock her up. It was a very hot day so she melted in the police car. Then all the other people who went to jail for no reason because Josh’s mum blamed them, escaped and the people who were frozen defrosted.
They all lived happily ever after except the witch.


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