In the game centre e passes it to wing attack and then passes it to goal attack.
Hi I’m Rachel, I go to Cambridge primary and I play in the Cambridge netball team and I have been in trouble 3 times this day for day dreaming in class about netball and of course I love net ball! .
And then she passes the ball to me and there’s 10 seconds till the bell I aim and push the ball up and I score a goal .Every one runs to me and they pick me up chanting “Rachel Rachel”
“Rachel stop daydreaming!” said Mrs Peach.
“Hum?” I said.
“Yes Mrs Peach,” I said.
“That’s the fourth time this day so I will have to give you detention meet me after school” said Mrs Peach.
“But I have netball after school!” I said.
“Well bad luck,” said Mrs Peach.
“Thanks a lot Rachel now we will lose our final game,” said Jacqueline.
That was the last thing my friend said to me for the whole day.

As the bell went for home time I followed Mrs Peach down the hall to the detention room.
I sat down and started to pull out my work stuff. I stared out the window towards the netball court I saw the netball teams getting ready to go to there positions they had there netball bibs on and the other team had just arrived.
“Will we be continuing this tomorrow?” said Mrs Peach.
“No we won’t,” I said.
It was 45 mins later but it felt like ages and ages.
“I think you have learnt your lesson you may go to netball now,” said Mrs Peach.
“Yes,” I whispered.
I left the room running

“Look there’s Rachel,” said Mandy angrily as I walked across the court.
“I’m back and ready to go and shoot some goals,” I said happily
“You can’t shoot goals, I’m goal shooter and Jacqueline is goal attack and you’re off,” said Mandy
Oh that means I will miss the last game of netball,” I cried
“Don’t listen to her she’s lying you’re goal shooter and Mandy is goal attack,” said Emma-lee.
“Yea I’m goal shooter,” I said.
“I’m centre,” said Stacey.
“I’m wing attack,” said Claudia.
“Every one go on the court and in to your positions,” Said our coach.
So we lined up at our positions and the centre passes the ball!

Before I knew it I had the ball and I was shooting my second goal.
YEA!!! I GOT ANOTHER GOAL,” I screamed.
Well I have gotten ...,” said Mandy.
Just then the whistle blew.

“WE WON!” I screamed.
“YAY we won the last game of the season, said Jacqueline.
So we went and did the 3 cheers for the team and us.
As I walked towards the car I thought how much fun it would be next year and would I get detention again? I hope not.