Danger And Cuty

One snowy day under the refreshing sea there was an octopus called Danger. Danger always went out to hunt food. One snowy day under the blue refreshing ocean, after Cuty went to fish school she saw Danger. Cuty ran home before Danger could eat her.
One day when Cuty was swimming alone in the refreshing sea Danger swam to Cuty and tried to eat her. Cuty tried to swim away from Danger but he was snapping near Cuty's tail. Then Cuty tried to hide from Danger but he kept on finding Cuty in the coral. Then Cuty swam to her home. When Danger was gone Cuty swam out and looked if Danger was hiding. Danger was nowhere to be seen
Then when Cuty swam forward Danger came and tried to eat her. Cuty swam to Danger's house.
Danger's mum was there. Cuty told them everything that happened, that's when Danger came.
Only his mum was there. Danger asked his mum "Where is the fish?!" Danger's mum said, "I told you not to chase Cuty or any other fish.” Danger's mum told off Danger. Danger and Cuty were friends again. They felt safe again. And Danger never ever tried to eat her again.
Once when Cuty was swimming with Danger, the shark came and tried to eat them. Both of them cried "Mum!" There were other sharks that came to eat them. That's when the GREAT WHITE SHARK came! Their mums came before the sharks could eat Cuty and Danger.
Cuty 's mum Rosetta and Danger's mum Lily scared the sharks before they could eat them. Then when Cuty was at home she saw a baby fish stuck in the sea weeds. Cuty told her mum that the baby fish was stuck. Cuty's mum took the baby fish home and saw a cut on him. Rosetta put a bandage on him. They went to Danger's house and told that they found a baby fish stuck in the seaweed and it wasn't theirs. So Rosetta and Lily found the family that owned the baby fish. The family said they can have yummy food and drinks because they saved they're baby. They lived happily ever after.