Oh Mum

I can’t get away, not even on a holiday,
Smash, boom!, crash! They took my cash!
“Oh mum please help”, I let out a yelp.
Their driving me up the wall, they spit, they hit, they even threw me in a pit,
“Oh mum I’m done with it!”
There’s pen on my bed and even on my head,
They call me names, until my head rises with flames.
“Oh mum, I’m going to burst, my siblings are the worst!”
Although I have to remember, they will always be there,
So I should treat them with care, even though they pull on my hair?
Siblings can be rough, rude and ratty,
“Oh mum please help me not to be bratty,”
I’ll try to be kind I just have to change my mind,
By not having a cow when they act so foul.
Oh mum watch and learn because it’s my turn.