Harry Potter And J.K Rowling's Gigantic Piles Of Money

Harry Potter stood in the entrance while he watched his creator, J.K Rowling, swim in her sea of money she had accumulated in a special room built specifically for that purpose. Once she had amused herself with this for long enough, she beckoned Harry over.
"So Harry, what do you want to talk to me about?" J.K said as she used a towel to rub off her the pennies and dimes sticking to her body.

"Well, it's about the money..." Harry muttered.

"Whatever for" said J.K in response as she used a sold gold hair brush to put her hair back in place.

"Well, I've made an awful lot of money for you, but I haven't seen any of it."

"Harry I think you're forgetting something here," J.K said. "You don't actually exist. You are a fictional entity. I made you. I wrote your books, I created everything, good and bad, that every happened to you. It's complete illogical for you to want my money. In fact, it's completely illogical to for this conversation to happening in the first place."

"Oh, " said Harry, and he disappeared in a puff of magic.



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