Fairy Mad

The wolf looked menacingly at the dainty little girl.
“Little Blue Riding Cloak,”called Mister Wolf, “What time is it?”
This snapped the girl out of her daydream. Little Blue Riding Cloak groaned inwardly,“You have a watch!”
Mister Wolf looked confused at his Garmin. “Oh, so this is a watch! I thought it was a wrist band.”
Little Blue Riding hood smacked her forehead. “Oh my gosh, you’re telling me you graduated from Wolvard University and you can’t tell the time?”
This kind of nonsensical conversation would always go on when these two friends met every Monday, four o’ clock sharp. They always had a chat over a biscuit (or some pork for Mister Wolf), but they found each other quite amusing and always looked forward to their funny and pleasant chats.

Yes, this is messed up. Yes, this is weird. But the harsh reality is, The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen has been lying to your faces. Snow White and the Evil Queen? What?! They’re step sisters but very close. The Evil Queen is actually called Eva! Cinderella hates Rats! Her Mother never died and her Father is a very short but wealthy man. Maleficent is the doctor at the bulk billing clinic near Uninvited Avenue and the three billy goats gruff are the janitors for Over the Bridge High School. All these characters live in a town called Truth! You people, with your warped and twisted ideas of us, you live in some crazy realm called Lies! YOU have no idea about US. Anyways, if your fake stories are called Childrens’ Fairy Tales, how come our real lives are so much nicer? No cursing, eating, tricking, killing, blowing houses down, poisoning with apples, no trolls under the bridges and no canninball witches in gingerbread houses! Yep, so much more nicer and child friendly!

Oh, and you wanted to know my name? Well, you can call me the Mad Hatter.


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