The Eternal Sin

Excellence Award in the 'Write-Along 2018' competition

A rumble from above, the heavens and it's glory,
stillness and absence of sound before the downpour.
Rumbles and light shatter the sky and heavens.
Weapons clash, sparks fly and hurtle down along with
tears and anguish for each other and the ones dear to them.
A fight enticed by hatred and sorrow, a mistake made
but not forgiven, or forgotten.
The thunderous roars and sky-splitting blows proof of the
continuous battle, thunder after lightning.
And finally a thunderous roar of triumph suddenly emanates
from the lips of the victor, stumbling towards his throne.
As he sits nothing but sorrow and tears are present on his face.
And as they still roll down his cheeks the rain hurtles to the earth
and into the seas, the blood spilling onto the skies.
As he looks around he is only filled with sadness, despair and hatred,
along with his eternal sin and his mistake made to the fallen.


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