Jar Of Fireflies

The halls of the school premises were deserted, all sources of light quenched.
The young boy, brooding and sulking, encaged himself in the dormitory room corner.
Light yellow lanterns shone bright, gliding to a lyrical dance melodically to their own music.
They spoke, igniting the passion of his inner fire, leading his heart to the illumination of light.
The freedom of their spirit only manifested his deepest desires, to return...to his life.
Slowly, his oscillate hands outstretched, diffidently to gasp the amulet of power in his hands.
His eyes blurred, watching with his mind. Reminiscent scenes unfolded before him.
A jar of light, gleaming under the magic of the moon and stars.
A woman holding him ever so more tightly, a man by her side.
The warmth burned his heart.
With a soft crush, he extinguished the light.
Engulfed by his bittersweet fury, he doused the fluttering lanterns, until there was all but one.
Its wings spread, flying into his soul, urging him to recall.
Babbitt, you must hold on. Your heart must lead the way to shine for all to see.
Light began to protrude through the curtains to the bedroom dorm.
And he understood, the lantern disappearing with the moon and stars.


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