A - Is For Addison

No one understands me. The guard outside my door says that my name is A17, but I know what it really is. My name is Addison Ella Morgan. I was captured along with my mother, my sister and my aunt five months ago, and I await to be freed by my brother, who ran away before we were brought to this cruel underground place. We all wear the same grey top and grey pants. All I see is grey, grey walls, grey floors and grey people. We all live in the same rooms, we all drink water and eat tablets which is apparently the new food according to the Emperor, although it tastes nothing like the food I used to love.
“Help Me!”Someone cries.“Please!” I run out of my dorm expecting a guard to vigorously push me back and start attacking me, but I realise the Emperor has sent him on yet another rampage.
The Emperor has a plan to use women as his own personal breeding machines, taking the children to have complete control. His people are his children. He keeps childbearing women until they have given him 5 offsprings and after they have no use - He makes all his 909 guards go on a rampage and kill them all.
This makes me furious as I sprint down the hall to protect the woman in danger. I follow the far cries for help. As I come to a halt above the woman, the guard is gone. She's dead.These men are murderers, why do women have to die? They capture women, abuse them and then kill them, then they go capture more.
As Tears flood out my eyes I hear a stubborn voice coming from a nearby dormitory. He’s clearly on a rampage, and soon it will be my life on the line. The woman being attacked tells me to run, leave her there. She obviously doesn't see the angry and violent side of me. I run. I jump on the guards back, taking him to the ground. I throw my fist right into his stomach causing him to groan and curse at me. The woman starts punching him in the head, and after a few wacks he is out cold. “My name is Elaine” explains the woman who helped me defeat the cruel guard.