Wait for me.
Where are you?
I can’t see you.
I want to forget you.
The one thing I once had to be happy.
You only didn’t take it you already did.
The one piece I had left for me to love.
Maybe I could forget you.
I don’t see you like I used to.
You’re like fire.
You burn everything around you.
Like you burnt my heart.
‘Till it shattered.
When it did it was like glass blades.
Slicing my hope and happiness.
Into blood.
The blood was tears.
That cried for you.
You were strangling my heart along with you.
The more you pulled.
The harder it was to move on.
Yeah, I might not be good at some things.
But I’m good at loving.
And forgiving.
For what you’ve done.
I want to keep the moments.
But they were all interrupted.
Because you didn’t seem to care enough.
You left me hanging.
Like a piece of string.
Waiting to blow away.
So I walked away with pain coming my way.
But it already came to me.
It overwhelmed me.
That I needed to change.
I needed to change all of me.
My smile may never be bright again.
But it will always…
I lost it.
I wonder if I ever really put a smile on your face.
But since I’m gone.
I’ll never be able to come back.
To hold you in my heart.
That wanted to be fixed.
All over again.
Did you have time for me?
The clock was ticking.
And so was my…
A short story on life.