Brian The Bacteria Goes On An Adventure

3rd in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

One day, a microscopic bacteria named Brian thought about going on an exciting adventure through the human body, as he wanted to visit all the organs.
First, Brian visited the heart, it was a sick heart. Soon after, he saw some big muscles, the lungs, then he travelled next to the throat. There were body bacteria, even naughty ones and Brian noticed that the naughty ones were pinching the Adam’s Apple. The angry bacteria were breaking the cells in the body.
“I need to get out of here!” cried Brian. Brian headed to the mouth, he went up and up trying to get all the way to the mouth to escape. Brian reached the tongue, then clambered to the tip of the tongue right behind the teeth. “I’m almost out” he said to himself, but then... “Uh oh! Some food is coming in!”
Just in time, Brian jumped onto one of the teeth on the side and missed the food coming right for him. He got a little chomped by the teeth, but at least he was ok! He took a deep breath and when the mouth opened wide again, he jumped out of the mouth “I’m free!” Brian yelled. Once Brian had made it out of the mouth, he took a moment to look around and right away he saw something familiar. “Wait a minute, I see somebody. They have pink furry arms, two giant eyeballs, two fuzzy’s another germ like me!”
Brian went over to the other germ and introduced himself “Hi there, I’m Brian, what’s your name?” “Hi Brian, I’m Isobel.” Brian smiled and said shyly to Isobel “You look pretty.” Isobel smiled right back at Brian and her cheeks got all rosy and red, “Thanks! You’re nice Brian, let’s be friends.”
After that, Brian left behind his human body forever and set off with his new friend Isobel on a new adventure…to explore the kitchen! Brian and Isobel Bacteria lived happily ever after.


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