Ladies By The River Bank

lots a dark, gloomy night in the thick foggy woods, a little blue stone cottage stood. In the cottage lived a grandmother and her two little grandchildren, Anna and Derek. Anna was seven years old, she was younger than Derek, who was eight. She had a golden, curly bob. Derek was plump and had moss green eyes. Anna and Derek’s grandmother, Freja, was old and weak. Freia loved to tell her beloved grandchildren of stories each night before bed.Grandmother story Once upon a time there lived a girl the age of 19 she had a boy friend coled bob. He would go down to the river each night and fish for diner . One night he didn’t come home the time he always comes back. So the girl went down to the fogy river to see were he was there she saw here boy friends life getting drained out of him the 19 year old girl was shocked and d her self to sleep that night
After the story Anna and Deric would go to their creaky beds grandmother freia would go water her pot plants then go to bed. Anna and Deric were sleepless that night they wanted to now if grandmothers story was trow or not. They tiptoed through the quiet cottage and out the door in to the into the dark forest. The trees tight together creaky branches sawed in the haling wind like a ghost talking the fog slowly lifting from the grand. Deric and Anna had Goosebumps head to toe. Slowly they creeped down to the river afraid to make a sound. Down at the river ladies made of fog were whispering one of the ladies splashed in to the ice-cold water and came out with skin and bone. Deric and Anna where little and thought that this was cool so they played with the laddie one by one more of the young ladies came slowly the ladies drow Anna and Deric deeper into the water. Grandmother Freia woke up from a loud crash from a dead branch falling on the roof
Freia went to go and check on here precis little grandchildren. They weren’t there the
wind piked up the door was opened swing in the wined grandmother Freia ran out ran against the rushing wined follingover raged tree roots gust rushing to get to her beloved grandchildren. She got to the rushing river there were her two grandchildren they were in the arms of death “STOP” said grandmother Freia I will give you my life if you spear theirs. The ladies agreed.
the end

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