Where My Mind Wonders

Finalist in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

I guess you play and then you die so life is just a game,
But for the life of me, I can't figure out the purpose or the aim.
To fall in love, be rich or live it up the most?
To live the longest, travel places? Or is that not even close?
The first of us, we didn't have jobs or money or clothes.
And how we got from there to here, not even god could know.
When we were born, each one of us, we didn't have a clue,
So, fancy city blokes or country folks are the same as I or you.
People get so caught up, that they forget we all will die,
And I'm afraid to say, your money Sir, can't be transferred to the sky.
Experiences however, no one can ever take away.
Not even death can steal who you are, not tomorrow nor today.
Let your impact on the earth reflect all the wonders that you find,
May the memory of you be something you are proud to leave behind.
Embrace the journeys that you take and find happiness of every kind,
Because perhaps we play this game just to leave something beautiful behind.



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