Oh My Lord, Please Applaud

Let’s start this off classic, there's nothing drastic about this poem!
I know I’m not a poet, and precisely I know it!
I’m glad that you are here,
But honestly, I’m no William Shakespeare.
Hmm let me think, let’s all say a joke in sink!
Rosés are red violets are blue, a face like yours belongs in a zoo,
Now don’t you worry I’ll be there too, not in a cage laughing at you!
Oh me, oh my, let me see, it seems I should have used option number three.
I would tell you it too, believe me it’s true.
But I’m running out of ink, and I really need a drink.
If you want to hear the rest, and this is no test
Just give me a call later today, and I’m sure we’ll talk away.
Goodbye for now my fellow friend,
I suppose I’ll see you around the bend.
Oh my lord please applaud!
I’m late for an important date!