The Mysterious Door

Finalist in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

No one had ever seen a creature like this before...
Legends about this weird being had been passed down through generations. If creatures like this were real, then who knows what could happen?
As blinding rays of light cascaded into my room, soft tweeting filled my head. Something told me that today was going to be eventful. Ancient pictures flashed in my mind making me feel dizzy. Quietly, I padded over to my sneakers, causing the dusty floorboards to creak. I plodded through the back door into the forest. Outside there were rows of fir trees in an orderly pattern.
Cautiously, I turned, with my body trembling. In a clearing north of the entrance I spotted a decayed cottage the size of a dwarf! Peeping out of a crack in the door was a mysterious being slowly coming out. Sluggishly, it hobbled up to me and put out its hand.
“Pixie,” she said.
I remained silent. Things like this had caused me to ponder before, but I was young then. Maybe it was time to take a chance. Unaware of what was about to happen I stumbled out to her and shook her hand.
“Charles,” I said.
Quickly she beckoned me inside her house. I bend down to fit in the doorway, but when I stepped inside it was tall enough for me. Astoundingly, inside was beautiful. Sparkling glass antiques filled the room. As I stopped to take it all in, she started dragging me into a hidden room, her wavy auburn hair falling down around her shoulders. I had not noticed this room before. Oddly, the room was bare apart from two dank, old rocking chairs.
She spoke in a hushed voice as if she expected something to leap out at her. She told me ancient stories of her people. I wondered if it was true that pixies were nearly extinct.
“Come,” she rasped.
She didn’t speak as she waddled through a corridor. In the next room was a picturesque garden. She picked up a golden rose and shoved it under my nose. Woozy, I stumbled out. She wanted me to stay...I ignored her thoughts.
Outside had turned into a hurricane as the wind tossed me into a tree. My pale body turned ivory as the tree hurled me around furiously. My cerulean eyes watered with terror. Weakly, my arms clung to a branch. After what seemed hours I was blown out of the tree with a crash.
Once down I fearfully scrambled out of the forest and through the back door of my house. I staggered up the stairs to my bed. As I fell back, I realised that what I did was wrong. I retraced my steps and found myself back at the crumbling cottage. Pixie was standing in front of the house with a woeful expression. Within seconds she spotted me. She raced up and enveloped me in her warm, affable arms. I was ready to be friends and help her.


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