Masked identity

There’s a demon threatening my confidence and my own self doubt,
It waits for me at night, when the light is turned out
It makes me want to be the lifeless porcelain doll,
To fade into the background, not being there at all,
Its deep blood red eyes, mesmerize my mind,
I feel fear, paralysis, there’s nothing to hide behind
But the demon trying to capture my soul,
Has taken my courage and self control,
I'm vulnerable now, left out on my own,
I’m starting to realize, I'm am all alone,
The demon is slinking, lashing through the nooks,
I search for my bravery, but then... It looks
It’s face and eyes make me gasp,
As it reaches out, with a forceful grasp.
The mask is off, the identity to be
The masked demon, was actually me