The Death Ghost

“I swear to god that I will never open my mouth that wide and...ughh that was a horrible dream,” trembled Hailey.
“Psss” whispered Mexico; “you awake?” Hailey sat up and looked at Mexico. Hailey and Mexico were best friends that did everything together. Hailey checked her watch, it was nearly six and no one else was up yet. Mexico was told to be home at ten past six, so they had to leave right away.
Five minutes later the best friends turned up on Mexico’s door step. Before they could knock on the door Hailey yawned loudly, but instead of closing her mouth back up it grew and grew and grew until it was so big that she swallowed the rest of her body in one large gulp. Mexico appeared to have not noticed this bizarre occurrence until she eventually turned around and saw what had happened.
You would think that Mexico would have been frightened or concerned for her friend, but instead she reached under her skin and pulled off a mask revealing a humongous mouth with tiny legs and arms even smaller. The sight was sickening! Mexico’s skin was scaly with hair growing everywhere. She started laughing and said in a deep looming voice, “I have been waiting for so long to finally turn everyone into a rightful ghost. No one can stop me now.”
Mexico the now big hairy monster clicked twice and out of thin air came a spaceship full of innocent humans buckled to uncomfortable seats yelling and screaming. The hairy monster bellowed to them to be quiet and they all fell silent. Hailey hadn’t died, she had been taken to the ship with others but had managed to work free from her straps. Hailey jumped forward and said, “Hello Mexico. We were BFF’s but there is one thing I forgot to tell you.”
“Well then tell me what that is then miss smarty pants,” boomed Mexico.
“I am not going to tell you I will show you,” replied Hailey.
There was mutter of voices from the captured humans. A few seconds later five fairies appeared, and with the wave of their wands Mexico became her normal human form. The purple fairy was the leader of the fairies and stepped forward and asked, “Who did this to you?”
Mexico was shaking but stood up and pointed to one fairy. Georgina burst out of her skin and turned into the hideous monster Mexico had been, she waved her wand and the ship with all the people on exploded all over the floor. Hailey and Mexico were left dead on the door step.
Mexico woke up puffing and panting and ran down to the front door to check if her dream was real. Phew, nothing was there so she went back to bed. Everything was back to normal, well except for she still had a few scales on her skin but oh well she doesn’t know that. Shhh.


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