There was a lazy old cat .
Who always wore a really old hat .
Every morning his owner would give him a pat .
After breakfast he goes and lies down on the mat.

Lying on the mat in the nice warm sun.
At lunch the cat and his owner went to the shop and got some buns.
After lunch the cat sat down next to his owner and watched him clean his gun.
Later after dinner he sat down and watched the down of the sun.

Sitting here writing poems in class.
Watching everyone go pass.
Looking out of the window watching the cleaner clean the glass .
Watching the kids playing out on the grass.

Driving along the highway looking at all the signs.
Reading the news paper about all the bad crimes.
Watching my brothers play the miming game.
My sister has been waiting so long so she started to time.

Look at all the people sitting on the porch
Watching the people passing looking for support .
Later at night walking in the dark searching with a torch .
The evidence is erased ,lost by the wind with great force.