Earth And Our Existence

EARTH. When you think of earth what comes to mind. The planet we live on, the only planet suitable for the human species to continue life or our home. Well for me I think about things much deeper than that. I think about the more logical side of things that question me every single day. Things like why is the earth round, or why is the earth spinning because. I’m pretty since there is no gravity in outer space, the only way something could possible move would be if a force was acted on it. So, my question is how did earth come to be and what is our purpose here.

Not many people take the earth into consideration, there just here living on it and they don’t really think about the reason there here or who put us here. Well for me I question my existence. I question when and how did the first human known to man come to be? I question why anyone is on this planet and what will happen if the earth suddenly explodes? Will the solar system then not have a purpose if one of its planets are gone or would the earth no longer being here even have any type of effect.

Something that bothers me about people is no one really knows anything about the earth. Well of course we know that it has water and gravity, but do we know why the earth is round or why it’s spinning. We as humans live here and have lived here since man kind existed but we don’t know these things about the planet we call home. The way I see the world is like this. Humans where put on this earth do we know why, NO! But what we do know is that who ever put us here, put us here only to be born, have fun, and then soon later die. The reason we are all standing here right now is because who even put us here wanted us to feel pain. They wanted us to feel envy. They wanted us to see something beautiful, to values our lives, and then have it all taken from us like it was nothing.

Do you ever just think to yourself “Wow, the world sure is weird.” Well your right the world is weird and we have no control over it. We stand amongst these grounds everyday and no one realizes how you, right now are standing on a giant rock, that is floating, while spinning, in infinite space. Does it not bother you to know that you know absolutely nothing about this planet you live on. The planet that you so call home. The place that you will spend every single moment of your life on, and you can’t do anything about it.

Well, I feel the same. And yeah we can’t do anything about it, and no we will never know who put us here or why. But at least where living.


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