Girls' Day Out

Today we had a girls’ day out. We went to Myer, Footmaster, Kmart and more.
We had coffee and cake and burgers galore!
It was a very big day, but we only came back
with three items for me and three items for Dad
I came home with a beautiful top and some comfortable shoes
and a Manga book that I’m certain to use.
But, there was one thing I fell in love with of course
no less than a beautiful dress.
Black fit and flare to mid-thigh, with pinky-white flowers embroidered all over.
It had shoe string straps and a cross-over back,
the only thing was it fitted like a sack!
It was perfect in length and baggy in the back,
I’m sure if I was bigger it would be off the rack.
We didn’t find the perfect dress
So I guess we’ll just have to go again.

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