I slid down the door and hugged my knees. "Another day gone" I whispered to myself trying not to break down.

I had just gotten back from another questioning about my attack. A man had threatened me with a knife. But that didn't stop him from touching me. He left scars and bruises all over my now abused figure.

Ever since then, I haven't been able to stand people touching to me. It's sad. Even when I bumped into my best friend Yoongi, I freaked out and had to leave him standing there alone.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Are you ok?"

"Mina you're worrying me"

I had gotten a bunch of messages from Yoongi after I left him in the dark. I ignored them after I was picked up from school to be escorted to the police station. I still haven't had a chance to reply to him nor was I ready to.

After gathering my composure, I stood on my aching feet and walked to my bedroom. I placed my phone down and looked at my alarm clock groaning. It was already 11:45 pm.

I hadn't even thought about food for dinner so I thought I'd skip over a meal. Even though I knew if a certain person found out that I didn't eat anything, I'd surely be scolded.

I thought about that particular person for a second and smiled to myself. But slowly, my smile turned into an expression of worry and fear. I started to feel hopeless and useless.

After being startled by just touching my closest and only friend, I started to fear the future. Could I ever come in contact with anyone? Could I not even hug him or my family? What was wrong with me?

I leaned against a wall and cried into my hands feeling weak and alone. I just wanted comfort, but at the same time, I didn't.

It was finally 12:00 am and I heard a knock at my door. I didn't bother walking to it as it was literally the middle of the night. They knocked again and I meekly said "Go away" before slowly sliding down the wall holding my legs still crying.

I heard the jingle of keys and the door open slowly. Footsteps echoed through my apartment until I heard someone's voice.

"Mina? Are you home?" I ignored the sound of Yoongi's voice. "Hello? Min- Oh my God Mina are you ok?" He walked into my bedroom and ran over to me. I scrambled to get away from him when he crouched down which left him confused.

"Mina?" I just looked down ignoring him again. He sighed and was about to lay his hand on my shoulder until I swatted it away.

"D-don't" I stuttered afraid. He noted the pain in my voice.

"Mina, look at me...please" I lifted my head and he hugged me. I flinched but I felt so safe in his arms.

"You can trust me, I won't let anyone hurt you again..."


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