Last Battle

As the pristine glass dome above me cracked to merciless sniper fire, I ducked behind a solid wooden desk and scanned my surroundings. Moving to the side, I reached out my left hand and pulled open the drawer, and yanked out the gleaming colt navy defender. As I tried to load the pistol, I saw a glint of light as a .45 round burst through my hand. Pain exploded in my torn palm which was already rapidly bleeding. I wrapped my hand with my white tie and it immediately bloomed red. I figured out that the snipers knew where I was and they would start to shoot more, so I sprinted as quickly as I can and hid behind the shelf. Chunks of ripped plastic and wood exploded all around me as large rounds bulldozed through whatever came in their way. It was clear that the snipers were shooting blindly and many innocent passer-by were already lying on the ground, either mortally wounded or dead.
It was clear proof that the enemy didn’t know my exact location, and I immediately began devising a plan to fool and deceive the amateur snipers. As I kept on thinking about how to do this, I saw a man through the window standing in the large courtyard with an AK-47. I knew I was surrounded all around the library. Hot perspiration began to drip of my face. I realized I had no choice and I had to make a dash to my car which was parked behind a gate. I jumped over the gate and sprinted to my car and tried to open the door but it turned out to be locked. Cursing under my breath, I pulled the key out of my pocket and opened the door and drove as fast as I can. I was driving to the drug lab, where I had to find the file and bring it back.
While I was driving I had to keep look on the mirror if I was being followed. As I arrived at the place I ran behind the wall and looked at the lab. Through the window, I could see thousands of guards. As I turned around to look, I saw a guard pointing at me with a gun. I tried to make a run but the guard took an aim and shot without any hesitation.

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