It's Okay To Be Different

It's okay to be different
It's okay to not be the same
It's okay to have, a long and wacky name
It's okay to come from, a place that no one knows
It's ok to live, somewhere no one ever goes
It's ok to not understand, anything anyone says
Because whoever you are, you know where your own path lays
By respecting our differences, while realising they're there
We can learn to live, love, care and share
By not being racist, in any sorts of ways
We can learn to live, longer, happier days
People think I'm a dreamer, and smirk when I say
I hope the world, will become harmonious one day
I hope one day, we'll all be joining hands, regardless of race, colour or lands
I may be a small person, but as they always say
A small movement, on a very ordinary day, can impact the world in a very large way


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