Alice In The Forest

Once there was a girl named Alice, she was eight years old.she was very poor, you see, when she was only 1,her house got burned down after that no one new what happened to her parents. Today was another adventure, Alice just woke up she was ready to go for a walk in a forest but she found a note saying, ”I KILL YOU”, without saying a word Alice took the note and ran off without reading it further while she was in the forest she saw a shadow, before she could move she got shot, after an hour or two she found herself on the ground, suddenly, she started thinking about her parents then she got an idea of looking for them so she went on looking ,there she found another note, Alice was shivering, didn't even notice the note she kept on going until she fell over it was the same man he was trying to kill her but it was good she could slide through the knife before she looked she started climbing a huge building when she got on she be continued


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