The Darkened Depths Of Glee

The derelict morning welcomes tainted air,
Pain and suffering intertwine with a grin.
Delectable and delicate and all you can bear;
Bottled grief bitterly absorbing its sins.
A figure in the distance conceives my fear,
Gasps and whimpers sneakily humming in tune.
Recounts of the past creep up on me slowly,
Could this ache end now or ever so soon?
Deafening screams threaten to escape my larynx,
A sickly sweet tone slithers through my shadow.
I look towards the exit, desperate to flee the terrace,
Panicking dearly as my blood struggles to flow.
It enters my realm uninvitedly and certainly unwanted,
Continuing to ignore my desperate pleas.
The crimson rose leaks onto the battered carpet,
As I fall hopelessly into a lifeless sea of glee.


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