The Abandoned House Of Orphans

It’s old and dirty, filled with rubbish and orphans. While where all standing here mouths wide open disgusted I’m wondering does anyone even live in this abbonded house. I couln’t even bear to imagine me living in that grubby place.

I’m the orphan, Ella the one everyone looks at. For some reason I’m ugly and dirty because I live in a abandoned house. My foster parents can’t afford to buy a beautiful house like all the other people. Every girl in the grade lives in a palace, all pink and sparkly but I’m different. I normally get bullied at school because I’m not the same, I’ve learnt to ignore it but clearly it doesn’t stop it.

Omg have you seen that girl over there Eww! She reminds me of a fat ugly rat. My parents say that there parents died and these oldies adopted them and now there like slaves or something. Anyway no one really likes her. Her only friend is Haliey who lives on a muddy farm, cleaning up horse poo all day.

As the moon goes down and the sun rises up it was time for SCHOOL, something everyone hated except for 2 girls. Ella and Haliey absolutely loved school. They loved the challenging work, homework and the teachers. They’re like nerds.

“Everyone it’s time for English, today we have to do a test I hope you have studied”Mrs Bandi pronounced. Ella whispered to Haliey I’m so excited for the test I studied the whole week for this. The entire class laughed at Ella, Ella was humiliated.

I’ve always wondered if I was the same would they bully me hmmmm? Haliey and I are both the same and that’s why we are friends.

Everyday at school the two girls continued to get bullied until one day Haliey stood up to them and said “ you know what we might not been the same but we are better than you all of you, you guys are jerks and will always stay that way but us where going to be princesses when where older” “ hahahhahahaha” the class laughed.

After Haliey’s little speech at 2rd period Max realised something. “I feel bad for Haliey and Ella I need to apologise”. “Hey I’m really really sorry for teasing you, I hope that we can be friends” Max said. “It’s ok we understand” the girls replied. Then they became friends.

A couple of weeks later the girls had more and more people apologise. After a month both Ella and Haliey had everyone as their friends except the mean girls Merlin, Greta and the leader Miss princess Mia. It was ok because the group was much bigger then them and everyone turned their backs and forgot about them.


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