Nadora's Achievement

Ice was the first power that young Nadora possessed and it is one of the most beautiful. After the incident with her bedroom Nadora feared trying to control it as she thought she might hurt someone. But, after she met Shesha, the last dragon, Nadora started gaining confidence. Shesha is not only Nadora's best friend she is family, a protector and so much more.
Nadora and Shesha live in a beautiful cave. It has a crystal-clear waterfall, floral plants of all colours and green vines that swerve and grasp on every rock in the cave, wind that dances, birds that sing and hum and so much more. During the day and even parts of the night, Shesha will sit with Nadora and they will spend hours on end just practising using and controlling her powers.
As Nadora is practising she feels different compared to the other times she has practiced. She is focusing so incredibly hard that not even Shesha is able to get into contact with her. After a lot of failed attempts and ice flying everywhere, she finally gets somewhere.
"SHESHA, LOOK I'M DOING IT," Nadora screams in excitement.
"Wow, that is beautiful, I'm so proud of you," Shesha exclaims.
There is a beautiful crystal-clear white line just dancing around and on top of her hand, a beautiful mist surrounding it. She can move it around without deadly ice sticks shooting around smashing into things. and she can even make different shapes with the crystal white line. After about 10 minutes of just admiring this beautiful power she could control, she starts doing more advanced things like gracefully moving blocks of ice away from her hand, placing ice on the floor and roof and even trying to shoot icicles a bit more viciously, preparing for battle if that time comes around. Nadora's eyes change into a beautiful light blue colour each time she uses her power.
She wants to show Shesha how much she has improved and Shesha is so excited to watch it. Nadora starts to spiral her hands around each other and as she does that an ice storm starts spiralling around her arms. White mist whistling around, and a couple of different white lines danced around like no one was watching. Those white lines then came together to form ice and then to finish off her show Nadora makes an ice heart that will never melt and engraved in it there are words, all in cursive that say 'Nadora + Shesha = family.'
Shesha throws her head up in pride and shoots ice all the way up into the beautiful star-filled night sky.
"I'm so proud of you Nadora, I see a bright future for you, and I love you so much," Shesha sobs in joy.
Shesha and Nadora huddle together into a tight ball and as sleep sweeps across them they both take their happiness into the dream world and are excited to master the next obstacle together forever and always.

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