A "horror" Story

The glistening water reflected from the bright, blinding sun. Her eyes glazed off into the beautiful, detailed horizon. Blurred by the heat, the view looked almost like a synthetic drawing the lines darkened by the unrealistic view. Her clothes dripping, fixtured to her cold body. The blunt stones beneath her cushion her scratched up body, twigs and sticks bulged in her body like splinters. The white, smooth stones now covered in thick, red blood. The sounds of cicadas begin, and she already knows the danger is coming. A grunting sound comes from the woods behind her. Adrenaline begins to start in her body. Heart thumping like never, her hands begin to shake. She hears the leaves on the floor rustling behind a near by tree. She believes she needs to stay away but something is pulling her to look around the tree. She takes a step forward; rustles of leaves forces her to step backwards. Then something she never had expected. “HELP!”
The voice sounded familiar but of course it would be impossible for her to realise instantly. She kept walking forward, one step at a time. Then it clicks. ‘ITS AVA!’. Her mind came back to reality. Her small, careful steps turned into full on leaps. The leaves beneath her feet slip but that doesn’t stop her. Momentum grows as she runs as fast as he can to her friend obviously in severe pain. As she walked forward her rich, thick blood followed. Soon she would blackout almost as quickly as the switch on a light flick and the light disappears.
She wakes up full of fear and fright to find herself in a woollen bed, she flickers her hand up feeling the soft velvet covers. She looks around. It feels warm and safe, but her heart is still beating fast as ever. She sits up, she’s in a small room, small but comfy. Comfy in the way that it has everything you would ever need. She turns around and sees a table next to her. 2 oval shaped pills sitting next to a clear crystal glass. She moves over closer to the side table and picks up the 2 pills, she puts them behind her tongue and carefully picks the crystal glass up. She counts to 3 in her head and as quick as possible gulps it down. It had been a while since she had a glass of fresh water. It slides down her dry throat. It hadn’t been too long since she had water but the salt water seemed to dry it even worse. The satisfaction of the cool water sliding down her dry, dehydrated, bare throat was something she would remember only as the most incredible experience of her life. Losing track, she begins to find herself. Her voice trembles as she asks if anyone is there. But of coarse in any horror story there was no answer. But was this even a horror story for all she knew this could be a dream.