Harriet Mae Mathers was born on August the 31st 2009. I vividly remember holding my sister for the first time. I remember her chubby, plump cheeks and the gentle, smooth little hands. It’s every little girl dream to be a big sister and have a playmate by your side. Playing faries, barbie’s and pretending to be a mummy was what I did all day every day. I loved anything pink when I was little and was so thrilled to become a big sister. I’ve been so lucky to have such a wonderful family. My mum Ali is kind, caring and very empathetic mum and I so lucky to have a mum like her. My Dad is hardworking, courageous and an incredible father to his children. My brother Fergus is a wonderful big brother. Fergus is the best big brother and I’m so lucky to have him. But, we tend to have the occasional argument like any brother and sister. I’m Esther, I love to dance and perform. My younger sister Harriet is 9 and is the best sister ever. Now, Hattie isn’t the regular 9-year-old running around and playing dolls. My sister Harriet has special needs. Hattie can’t walk, talk or do anything for herself. When Hattie was born mum and dad noticed that Hattie loved looking at her hands. Mum and dad felt something wasn’t right. So they had tests done. We got the news. Harriet has a special needs. For a parent hearing that is devastating. Fergus and I on the other hand were to young to understand so we didn’t think much of it. Hattie was born with holes in her brain, that’s what makes her brain not like ours. Life growing up with Hattie is normal for Ferg and I. Hattie got seizures a lot growing up and it was scary the days where ambulance would walk walk trough our ouse and start treating our sister. Hattie is the most brave girl. But most of all she is beautiful inside and out. Hattie has had many operations in her life and has been the most courageous girl ever. Hattie truly is the bravest person you’ll ever meet. She can’t tell us what she feels so mum and dad find it very hard. It was difficult when the new preps came to school and Hattie wasn’t with them. I’d look out of the classroom window and think about how my sister could be there. Hattie goes to a special needs school and learns many skills there. But the trickiest thing is when we go out in public. People don’t understand that Hattie has special needs so they stare. But people really need to understand that we aren’t all the same and we all look different and that’s what makes every human special. Hattie is an amazing sister and she’s been through so much but always keeps smiling and being herself.



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