Man Of The Future

Man Of The Future
I am a teenager.
I am all the things of my past.
I have my Dads strength. I have my Mums looks
I am all I hear.
The whip of the wind. The banging metal on the bench. The sound of a punch. The revving of the truck.
I am all I feel.
The vibration. The running. The feel of the wind. The heat of the sun..
I am all I remember.
I’ve seen my family in pain. I’ve been places extraordinary. I’ve seen peoples love for each other.
I am all I’ve been taught.
Be brave, don’t let people get to you and be strong and courageous.
I am all I think.
Secrets. Love.
I am like the seasons.
Like heat beaming on the ground wth force.
Because I am the man of the future.