Ava, Thunder And The Storm

Excellence Award in the 'Just Keep Writing 2019' competition

As Ava approached the lush forest, a gentle breeze swept softly past Ava. While Ava skipped happily through the forest, sweet birds chirped merrily in the trees that were as tall as skyscrapers. The Autumn leaves shone in the sunlight while Ava picked nodding magenta flowers.

Suddenly Ava felt a few drops of water on her arm. She looked up and saw lots of little raindrops pouring down. She thought it was just a small sprinkle but it had become an enormous storm! Ava felt like your heart was pounding her to the ground while butterflies ferociously fluttered in her stomach.

The first thing that came to Ava’s mind was to run home, and that was what she did. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. She spotted her house and all she thought about was her mum and dad. While Ava was lost in her thoughts a lightning bolt as bit as an elephant had struck the ground harshly and sent a wave of movement throughout the forest. When Ava finally realised what had happened, she saw that she was facing a tall navy blue dragon. Enormous dragon wings poked out from either side of its body. Bulging either side of the dragon’s head were two dark blue eyes, covering the left eye was a golden lightning bolt. A giant wave of fear washed over her, she tried to scream but nothing came out.

Suddenly the dragon spoke in a booming voice. “Hello Ava, I am ‘Thunder’, your Guardian Dragon. I am here to give you the power of courage”, and that’s what the dragon did. Suddenly Ava was not scared any more.
As the sound of lightning and thunder faded away and the rain drops became as small as rice, ‘Thunder’ began to walk Ava safely home. When they reached Ava’s house, Ava ran inside to her mum and dad and told them about how she’s not afraid of storms any more, and about the friendly dragon.



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