Halloween 2018 - A True Story

On the 31st of October, 2018 I came home from school extremely excited because today was Halloween! My family never celebrated it but this year Dad had purchased masks and intended to scare the children in our local neighbourhood that dared knock at our door. He also let us buy a ‘Beware sign’ to lure them in.

I climbed off the bus, eager to get home early and set up. Mum’s phone rang on our way home. It was Dad. He had been working hard all day on the farm and was ringing to tell Mum he was on his way. The excitement was mounting. We made a quick stop at the supermarket to buy lollies for the trick or treaters. On our way home we past an ambulance and a firetruck, both in a big hurry. There sirens were blaring.

When we arrived home Dad was not there! We assumed he was running late. We went ahead and set up for the trick or treaters. Time flew by and I began to wonder what had happened to him. Had there been an accident on the road and he was helping out or was he involved in one. My mind was swirling with worry. That road was prone to car accidents.

All of a sudden the phone rang. It was Dad! He must be in mobile range. I was so relieved……. but not for long. As I listened in on the conversation between Mum and Dad I froze with fear. Did I really just hear that? It sounded like he said Kayden, my 20 year old cousin had crashed his plane! Mum started to cry and kept repeating Kayden! Dead! She kept asking Dad to make sure she heard right. At that point I knew I had heard correctly. My body started to shake and I burst into tears. I hugged my sister, wishing I could protect her from what I just heard.

Mum started heading towards the door, still on the phone to Dad. I followed her next door to my Grandparents house. Grandma was outside watering her plants. She looked up ready to greet us but Mum quickly put her on the phone. She howled, almost collapsing. Her first born Grandson…….gone. Grandad came rushing outside when he heard Grandma’s cry. He jumped into his ute and drove to where the plane accident had occurred, 70km out of town, leaving my Mum to console Grandma.

We helped Grandma inside and Mum explained that Kayden had been mustering with his younger brother, Cameron and a couple of mates when the plane went down. Dad had been hailed down on the highway to come and help. He tried to resuscitate him but couldn’t. Mum now had to contact Kayden’s parents before someone else did.

The 31st October was the longest night of my life. It has now been four months since the accident but I still think about Kayden every day. I miss him so much. My heart is forever broken.


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