I can't believe it actually happened to me

I Can’t Believe It Actually Happened To Me.

Samantha and Emily went to grandma’s house for the day. When they arrived the first thing they asked grandma is whether she could please tell them the story of how she met grandpa. Of course grandma loved to tell this story so she said yes.

My best friend had a friend who had a friend who had a friend who actually got to meet Les Mydrop. You see…. Les Mydrop was my sporting hero. I have had a lot of sporting hero’s in my life, but Les was my sporting hero above all sporting hero’s. See, this girl who actually got to meet Les Mydrop was a stuck up girl and actually walked with her nose up in the air. Whenever I saw her she always talked about meeting Les Mydrop to tease me. It drove me crazy, I wished that I could meet him.

So one day I visited Sally (the one who actually got to meet Les Mydrop) waiting to be teased when Sally said excitedly “I’ve got a surprise for you!!”
“What, what is it”, I screamed.
Sally handed me a piece of paper and said “don’t read it until you get home”.
So when Sally and I finished talking I went home almost running so that I could get home faster. When I finally got home I started to read the piece of paper. I finished the note quickly and became very excited.

I ran around the house yelling “I’m going to meet him!!! I’m actually going to meet Les Mydrop”. I picked up the phone and rang Sally. She answered.
“Thank you, thank you so much. I’m actually going to meet him. Thank you, thank you! When is he coming?” I screamed in the phone.
“He’s coming tomorrow and will be taking you out for dinner tomorrow night. Get dressed up and have fun.” Sally answered.
“Why aren’t you going with him?” I questioned Sally.
“I thought that you might like to go with him. I really have to go. Sorry. Bye for now and have fun tomorrow night.” Sally said quickly. Sally hung up and I ran to my cupboard to choose what I was going to wear.

The night came quickly and I was very nervous but I knew that I would be ok. Every time the doorbell rang I ran to the door expecting Les Mydrop. Finally the doorbell rang and it was the person I was waiting for. It was Les Mydrop. My voice box went dead, I was as still as a stick but ended up saying “Hi, how are you?”
“Fine thank you. Shall we go?” Les said.
“OK, let’s go” I answered nervously.

We went to the most expensive restaurant in town and I had the most wonderful time of my life. We talked all night and we kissed. He had the most wonderful lips. The night felt like it had just begun and then suddenly it was over. He brought me home and gave me another kiss. I couldn’t believe that it actually happened to me!! I had fallen in love and I still am in love with Les Mydrop to this very day. Luckily he is now my husband and I will always be in love with him.