There is an owl with feathers as dark as the night sky flying. Its body seems to be weighed down by some unknown pressure. The bodies of his enemies are strewn behind him, unbeknown to the bird with the blood red comb. The comb is the same colour as its cape soaked in blood of its slain enemies. The owl seems to grow in anger when it sees the arrogant looking bird. Its anger makes even the heavens cower in fear. The combed bird finally turns his head toward the owl. Its gaze seems to pierce straight into the soul of the hunched figure. The owl shivers and lets out a shrill hoot as it starts charging towards the rooster, oblivious to the dark shape taking form in the corner of the room. The dark feathered bird does a somersault in the air as it jumps to make the killing blow. Just inches from the combed bird, the owl crashes to the ground with a muffled moan. Blood leaks from its beak, making a crimson river on the pristine floor of the luminous room. when the red-combed bird clicks his fingers, the room brightens. The owl is pressed to the floor with some unseen pressure. As the light brightens further, the owl starts choking on its own blood. The rooster lets out a bloodcurdling laugh and motion to the mysterious form in the corner. The cloaked figure shuffles towards the owl and hauls the feathered animal over its shoulders. The owl is taken out of the room.
The word flashes on the screen of the computer as martial music plays in the background.
Jack groans heavily and leans back on his blue and black chair. “Mr brown, thank you for undergoing this test for the admission to National Gaming University.” Says a voice next to him. Jake peeks at the expressionless examiner standing next to him. He dreads the words the examiner will say.
“Unfortunately, your skills did not meet our standards. Again.”

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