Dark lives in my house. It takes a glance around for a while then starts invading the rooms.
Night after night Dark hides under my bed or in my cupboards.
But the macabre places are the small cracks, you don’t know where they might lead you.
Slowly, lurking along the hallway, Dark hides in specks of dust behind curtains.
Waiting for its time to come.
One by one the houses overflow with darkness and nothing else.
Night rules everything.
Dark creeps out of shadows, it touches my spine making me have goosebumps.
Dark laughs hysterically while slithering like a serpent down the halls, I can hear it.
I stop dead in my tracks and turn my head.
There, glaring at me …
a monstrous eye and a massive hand smothered in blood ready to seize me.
Then all of a sudden...
a blood-curling scream outside my window.
Dark laughs and stares cold-heartedly at me.
Immediately it lunges, in less than a wink Dark devours me.


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