A Birthday Suprise

And there I was, stuck, in a glass bottle. I have no idea how I even managed to get myself into this situation, actually, I do, let me tell you the story;
It all started with a dare, “I dare you to try and fit your hand into that glass bottle.”
“That’s impossible!” I reply, smiling.
“Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!” My friend passes me the bottle and I take it. I try to shove my hand into it, only being able to reach a few of my finger into it.

“It’s not working!” I say, turning around and my friend is gone. So I give up and take my fingers out of the bottle, except they don’t budge.
“Oh no,” I whisper to myself, how was I going to get myself out of this one?

One hand holds the end of the bottle, desperately tugging, while the other fingers that are stuck inside of it, sit helplessly. I go to hit it against the hard ground, but then I realise that it would cut my hand and I faint at the sight of blood.

I’m not quite sure why fate decided that it should be me, with my fingers stuck in the bottle. Why did I deserve this? I’m a good person. I give people hugs. I donate to charity… every once in a while. What else did the world expect from me? In fact, the world should be giving back to me, I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m still living with my parents and I don’t have a full-time job yet. I deserve more.

All this thinking was getting me tired, so I decided to sit down on a nearby chair. Except 1 second later, I found myself lying on the floor, not sitting on the chair. I turn around and my friend is back,
“Surprise!” She says, my family and friends, walking in the room, with a cake and balloons. “Happy Belated Birthday!”

“But what about my finger?”


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