A Bird Like Him

A Bird Like Him

It was that unforgettable moment where I found a place in my heart for a loyal friend. It was when I understood myself for who I am. It was the day I met Him…

The birds don’t have any feelings of gratitude whilst being fed a rich meal of bread. It was only that bird, sitting in the shrubbery who could feel that joy in his mind, giving thankful squawks that gave you a feeling of warmth inside. I liked Him. Of course, Mother had her doubts in Him, or any creature at the least. So whilst trapped in the gloom of the parlour, the thought of Him would illuminate the dreaded Latin lessons. And on brighter days, Him would flutter beside me. And he would heartily consume a generous piece of bread. But once Mother died Him stayed beside me. Like a faithful dog. Father said it was odd to have such liking for a bird. But Him was Him. On a cool winter’s evening Him wasn’t to be found in the lemon tree. I felt deep sorrow in my heart. Through the night, hot tears would trickle down to my hands. It was that feeling. The feeling of loss and sorrow. Him was irreplaceable. No bird could be compared with Him and his true loyalty. It was still that fateful day that crept into my head. Him had understood me and was greatly aware of Mother’s death. His chorus of squawks had filled the cemetery with joy and tears. But I missed Him. With all my heart. And as the weeks grew into months and the months into years, Him hadn’t appeared. It was only that quiet Sunday morning when I found a familiar feather beside the lemon tree. And there, laying dead in the shrubbery was Him. Him would never be forgotten for his loyalty. And inside his beak was what looked like a golden ring, a gift. As a bird Him was different. He was special. He was Him.

And years later, I retrieved my old diary. It read:

Now you may think
Why, did I love a bird more than my mother?
And even though my mother was my love and light
This bird was unlike any other.


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