R.i.p rexxy

On a sunny afternoon I walked in my room,
a disgusting smell wafter over me.

I looked around and finally found my bluetonge Rexxy.

He was fast asleep but poo did he reek as I had not cleaned out his tank.
I searched around and finally found what it was that stank.

Lizard poo smells really bad so cleaning this up was a job for dad.

Mould and slime were hiding behind Rexxy's favourite log,
I had not seen it hiding there, but boy it smelt like a bog.

Then we took the tank outside to clean it up like new,
and magically the smell was gone,
but sop was Rexxy too.

The day was hotter than we thought and Rexxy got quite hot,
And while we left him in the shade it became a sunny spot.

My friend Rexxy died that day and I was so upset,
Rexxy's tombstone is in a shady spot,
He is a friend I won't forget.


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