Lonely Rose

Betwixt slopes of verdant vale, gentle rill cascades through wood,
Cooling landscape without fail; and fringed about by all things good.
Nigh her pools and swaying reeds, bush strikes elegant pose.
And amidst crown of tender leaves blooms family of lovely rose.
Like pearls, from stretching petals shine white light so fervid and pure.
But these wretched frills of mine! Somber bud am I immured.
O’er shadowing blackness mirrors my pain, boisterous billows break and roll;
A thousand bullets upon me rain and torrent of grief drowns sinking soul.
Shadow of death now o’er me drifts, his chilling claws clasp my stem;
Too horribly late the blindfold lifts, as my new eyes dwell upon them.
Resplendence blemished by grieving grey; sparkling crystal fall like tears.
Drooping low for me they pray, and my resolve to die becomes unclear.
Then morning breaks and truth bursts forth, like golden light on dewy hill;
My broken heart is wrapped in warmth, as loving flowers bid me still.
Over time, my wounds they healed, with tender hugs and kindly tones;
I vowed to live for their joy and zeal, for with them I am not alone.


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