Your flower reflects the ether as the sun sets.
I seek comfort in your words, the sincerity
laced within them, the love I feel,
it is with the sonnets you chorus that I can’t find
even a scintilla of hope within the caverns.
For when I think my reverberating echo
is all that I can hear at these depths,
your serenades will reach me, no matter how far,
your voice will wrap around my wrist and have me flying
with you, higher and higher, the trail of your comet
a gleaming curtain above my eyes as we soar into the sky.
I trust your words more than any other,
you treat my heart with such delicacy
and so much warmth. I am comforted at your side
with a love that I never want to lose.
A love that redefined itself, a love that I found in you.