The Haunted Box

I was talking to my friend on the phone until I heard a weird noise.It seemed like that the screeching noise was coming from the phone.When I looked down I saw a box,a small silver box!It was all covered in webs and was a bit dusty too.when i picked up the box and brought it closer to myself I realized that the weird noise was coming from the box.I was terrified and nervous at the same time so I called my friend again but she wasn’t picking up and made me worried.
Finally after a lot of thinking I decided to be brave and open the box .To my surprise what I saw inside the box was a silver diamond ring but how did it come here!I really wanted to try it on my finger but was scared at the same time.After I slipped that ring in my finger I had a strange feeling.I looked down and saw that my feet had disappeared and gradually my knees,hips and almost my neck!
Suddenly after a few seconds my body came back again but it looked liked I was in a difficult house.i wanted to find out where I was so I went outside.As I stepped outside I was terrified to see the bats which had the most sharpest teeth ever seen.Then I turned around and saw that the house looked creepy.It had trees without leaves sourrounding it and it also seemed dark.I thought that the other houses would be normal so I decided to explore one of them.I was shocked when I saw statues in that old dusty house.Then all of a sudden the door locked behind me.The statues came closer even though they weren’t even real or they couldn’t even move.I got so scared but there was nowhere to run or hide.I felt dried vines from behind my body.They were grabbing my hands,feet and my neck.I started to choke and wanted to throw up.I couldn’t take off the ring because I was tied in vines .My body started to shiver and then the ring slipped itself and finally I was back at my home”Isabelle !wake up!” My mum said .I realized that it was just a dream (but it was kind of fun)


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