My Ring

It was a dark and stormy night and I was walking with my friends Jack, Connor and Riley.
“ Look at this ring,” Connor said.
We all looked down at the ring.
“Put it on Jayden,” Jack suggested.
“Ok,” I agreed, so I put it on. I didn’t feel any different.
“WOW,” gasped Connor as he looked and pointed up.
“I’m still on the ground thought. Am I?” I replied.
“No you are flying,” Connor cried.
So we started to head towards home.
“This is the way to my house,” Jack said as he pointed down a dark alleyway.
“Can I come to your house?” I cried.
“Yes,” Jack replied and they walked to his home.
“Do you want to come to my house?” asked Connor to Riley.
“Yes,” replied Riley and they walked to Connor’s house.
Meanwhile, Jack and I were walking home. I was following Jack and then I dropped. “Aaagh,” I cried as I fell to the ground. “Nooo,” I yelled as I reached for the ring.
“What?” asked Jack.
“I fell and dropped the ring!” I replied.
“Well, go get it!” Jack told me.
“It is in the sewerage,” I yelled. “ I see it in the gunky water.”
“What?” asked Jack.
“The ring,” I yelled, then I jumped in the water.
“I got it,” I yelled as I held up the ring.
“Now get out,” demanded Jack.
“Ok,” I answered.
We got out of the sewerage.
When I got home I told my mum about the ring.


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