The Potato Adventure

One day a potato called Bob had an idea to go on a holiday to a potato planet. He got on the internet to book his flight. Bob booked it for the next so he went to pack his bags. He packed some potato stuff then he went to the airport. On the way to the potato planet he had a big sleep on the plane.
When Bob arrived he went straight to the Potato Factory where they make potatoes! Bob was so excited but when he saw people turning potatoes into hot chips he was shocked!!! He ran away so fast that he almost ran off the island! That means potatoes were getting eaten and soon there will be no more!
Bob wanted to go home but the plane was locked so he went on the edge of the island and found a few rocks and sticks to make a hut. He slept there for the night.
The next day he woke up early so he could go to the potato factory before the people where there. Bob had a plan to wreck the factory.
Some potatoes where still in the bucket so he rescued them. Bob replaced the potatoes with loads of chocolate. Bob ran away with the bucket of potatoes and hid in the bushes. He left the bucket in the bushes so he could spy. Bob went to have a look at the humans, they ate the chocolate and one of them said “yum yum! I 1ike this stuff” Bob whisper to himself “yes!” very quietly.
The humans looked on the back of the chocolate and saw the recipe. They got the ingredients to make chocolate! The humans turned the potato factory into a chocolate factory!
Bob went to get the bucket with the potatoes in it then he and the other potatoes went to find Jim they found him cleaning the plane. They asked him if we could take them home. Jim said “sure, lets go!” All the potatoes got in the plane and they went home.
On the journey home Bob asked the air hostess if he could get something to eat. The lady said “sure”. Bob got a Mars Bar and it was delicious!
It took 8 hours for Bob to get home. When the plane landed he caught a taxi back to his house. He got home and unpacked his bag. Bob was hungry so he went and got dinner, he had 24 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s! Then he had a quick shower and got into his pyjamas. Bob went to bed and all of the potatoes in the whole wide world live happily ever after.


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