The Hedge

Once upon a windy cold day there was a boy called Eddie. He was so excited; he ran out of bed like he was a cheetah.
“Dad wake up!” He squealed with excitement.
“No - I’m trying to go to sleep.”
Eddie’s dad was still in bed. He ran out of the room, because he wanted breakfast.
“Carrots and milk,” it is he said (his favourite food). He scoffed it down in a blink of an eye.
“Eddie,” his dad yelled.
“Coming father,” he ran to his father but he was distracted by a hole in a big tree looking thing. “What is that?”
He ran to it and went through. BOOM CRASH! “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!” He fell down the cliff on the ground. “Ahhhhh… Ow,” he cried. “Where am I?” He was stuck down onto the bottom of the cliff. The cliff looked like a massive looming creature. “Dad! Dad!” He yelled crying. He ran up the cliff but he fell. “What the hell? How am I going to get out of here?” He tried one more time. He jumped up on a rock and jumped on another but missed and fell all the way down. He stopped trying and went to sleep with a rock pillow like he was a cave man.
One day later...he woke up and tried again. He jumped again from rock to rock although he fell again. Next time he climbed onto three rocks. He fell again. Next time he made it up but fell again. Finally, he jumped on the fourth rock and then to the opening of his house.
He ran to his dad.
“Dad!” he cried.
“Hello Son.” They sat down eating their favourite food: popcorn carrots and watched a movie. In the end they never left the house again.