The Biggest Mess

Today I made the biggest mess, it was really quite divine. I filled up cups of squishy mud and placed them in a line.
Then I kicked a soccer ball, I really liked the sight. Of splodges of thick, gooey mud, covered all over the light.
Next, I pulled the stuffing, out of my teddy bear. I cut my bean bag open, and the beans went everywhere.
I opened up the freezer and got the ice-cream out. I splattered it all over the floor, it was awesome without a doubt.
I was feeling kind of hungry, so I grabbed some saucy spaghetti. I threw it high up in the air as you would do with confetti.
My belly was still rumbling, so I grabbed some sloppy mustard. I got a gigantic soup spoon and mixed in some custard.
I filled up a blue china bowl, with my gourmet delight. Then I tossed it like a frisbee, it flew as high as a kite.
But as I was sliding through my mess, I slipped and did a funny dance. As I hit the extra hard ground, I split my very best pants.


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