The Racer

Daniella woke up and went to her closet and got into her very bulky racing clothes. She jumped in her very luxurious silver car and headed off to the start of the race. She went through the extremely hot desert and when she entered the desert Daniella suddenly fell. She actually fainted. The sand was burning hot her body was turning extremely red like a tomato.
Racers were running and flicking sand on Daniella. A really kind racer said, “STOP there’s a girl on the floor!”
“We don’t care we have to win!” Yelled the other racers running and flicking even more sand on her like they didn’t see her. The really kind racer pushed the other racers to get Daniella. Then she took Daniella to the hospital and Daniella was taken care of.
“Are you okay!” Ella said.
“Yes” Daniella responded.
“Do you want to be friends?” Ella asked.
“Why not you helped me and got out of the race just for me.” Replied Daniella.
“Let’s go back to the race!” Ella happily said. So, they went back and kept running and Daniella won.
But Daniella felt sorry her friend.
“Hey, you deserve this more than me” Daniella joyfully whisperers.
“Thanks, you should not have done that” Ella exclaimed.
“That’s what good friends are all about!” Daniella kindly said.
“Go on take the trophy and stand on the 1st place and keep the trophy” Ella said.
So, Daniella did. Daniella came down to Ella.
“Let’s go to McDonalds” Daniella said.
“Yeah I am hungry.”
“What do you want?” So, they went in Daniella’s car and bought their yummy food and ate their delicious food at the park for some refreshing air. They definitely could down.
“Do you want to come to my house?” Ella said.
“Let’s go in my car instead of walking” Daniella said.
“Yeah I’m tired.”
So, they headed off to Ella’s house and next time Daniella’s going to bring her asthma puffer.
“Your house is warm” Daniella said.
“Yeah I know I will put on the air-conditioner.”
“Do you want to have a sleepover?” Asked Ella.
“Why not?” Daniella replied.
So, Daniella went to her silver luxurious car went home and had a shower, got her clothes went back to Ella and set up the sleepover and began their sleepover.
The End