The Aquatic Shimmer

It was March 2018 and an explorer named Brock was going on an adventure on a ship called The Three Stars or as most people call it the Time Adventurer. He was excited...but also scared. That afternoon while he was packing his stuff his son crept up to him and said, "Daddy can I come too???” But sadly, the answer was no.
In the morning Brock got everything and started walking to the boat, but he didn't notice someone following him as carefully as the wind gliding through the air. When he got there, he realized that it was not a ship and the only thing that was there was a submarine. He looked around to double check that it was the right thing to go onto, yep it was it even said The Three Stars on the side of the submarine.
He got onto the submarine and waited for his friend, then he heard someone say "Ooowww that hurt sooo much." Then he looked around the submarine when one of his friends said, "Hey Brock, are you ready for an action-packed adventure?" Then Brock replied "Umm? Yeah, my son even asked me to see if I can see a mermaid or take a picture of one...if I find um...yeah."
Once everyone was on board the submarine left for its destination, the reef. Brock swam out as fast as lightning towards the reef. He saw a turtle swimming right next to him, it was an amazing experience for him. Then he saw a tiger shark at the far, far edge of the reef, so he started kicking back to the submarine but noticed the submarine had left. So, he laid there kicking constantly but didn't know a whole hour went by! He started getting tired so he stopped and floated on his back and slowly started sinking. Then out the corner of his eye he saw a bluey/aqua tail quickly swim past him. He swam to the surface trying to get away.
The person who followed Brock was still on the submarine until one of his friends heard "Dad, dad are you there????” No one replied so he just crept back into the box.
Brock was looking for shore when he came across an island in the middle of nowhere. So, he swam to the island, to find out the sand was so soft and thin it started to make his feet sink into the sand. He was trying to get out when a helicopter flew over and dropped a rope down to help him to get out of the sand. He was saved. Once back in his hometown he noticed a girl, he had seen her from somewhere before. ‘Maybe it was the girl/tail that I saw before.’ So, he threw water at her, and he was right she was a mermaid!
That afternoon he asked her if she was going to stay, and the answer was yes.
The End