The Kingdom Of The Lost

In the light of the afternoon I was going for a walk through the luscious, green forest when I saw shadowy figures appearing in the sky. They looked like they were from billions of years ago, it was like someone sent them here to get something. I started to run but they caught a glimpse of me with their eyes red as blood trying to get me with their daggering teeth.
Soon I was too tired to keep running, then they just flew on like there was some precious thing they needed. Suddenly a thought struck my head, they were trying to get the sword which has protected this land for centuries. I tried run as fast as a cheetah but as I was returning to the village there were flames towering into the skyline. I saw my house burn and crumble, now tears were dripping down from my face. Something had to be done.
A knight with glimmering armour like the glitter of the stream was pulling on me but I could hear the scream of my mother trying to escape the fire. I tried to hold back the pull of the knight but he was too strong. More tears came bursting out as we escaped. “I need to find my mother!” I said in a deep voice. “It’s too dangerous, you can’t turn back.” He said in a quiet voice.
I sat with a chill in my spine just thinking of my mother. The knight knew who attacked the village, now I wanted revenge. I thanked the knight when he was trying to organise something. He said the only way to defeat the evil is to retrieve the sword but gain the strength and courage to handle the sword.
“I’m up for the challenge,” I said in a firm voice sounding like my father. Even though I was nervous I would still try to get the revenge; I was told there were many dangerous places and each held something very precious that was important. The knight drew a map of where we were going, but thoughts came running back to me about the legend of the layer of evil.
Now I was starting to get scared, I didn’t know it would lead to such danger. “Don’t worry I will have your back and always assist as your sidekick.” The knight was generous and fierce that’s when I knew the quest would start. Now it was time to journey to the cave of silence.


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